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Strike Witches ep 11 – To the Sky – T minus 2.5 hours!!

September 11, 2008

It’s less than 2 hours and 18 minutes till Strike Witches airs on Crunchy Roll and Bost!!! I usually download from CR using RP, and then watch later. But theres nothing on tonight to get in the way… although I have an ep of Gilmore Girls AND the second episode of The Children too.

Strike Witches ep 3 – Lonely No More – Teaser

July 17, 2008
This is what the shows about, right?

This is what the shows about, right?

The 3rd episode of Strike Witches was released at about 10pm UK time today. Greys Anatomy was on at the same time, so I realplayer-dl’d it and am gonna watch now. That screenshot is just a sneaky peak of what you can expect. And this show is all about the pantsu, am I right? I shall report back in bout half an hour, maybe a tad longer, cos I will need to get screens together. (Note that this release is the CR release, so not fantastic quality. I will dl Loli-Wolfs version later on too.

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