Clannad After Story ep 5

After finally getting round to watching episode 5 of AS, (after almost falling asleep last night while watching it, was after 4am… so its understandable lol…) I’m enjoying it more and more. I didn’t think I’d like the skip to Sagara-sans story. But by the end of the episode I was intrigued. I have a fairly good idea who told Shima-kun to make her wish come true…. and that the cat is a big part of it.(‘They’ do have the same colour eyes after all…) But I spose we’ll just have to wait and see. We got some more robot today aswell, which is nice. Quite strange that it started off talking about the glowing lights, since that was exactly how episode 10 of the first series of Clannad started…which I watched like yesterday too. Mucho random…. Reusing story or reminding us?

On to the latest episode however!! There are some spoiler-type comments, so if you haven’t seen it, and don’t want anything spoiled, don’t read this.

The first half of the episode was mainly a more in depth introduction of Sagara, the head of the dorms that Sunohara lives in. I was half asleep for this… so I probably should watch it again sometime. When it skipped back in time I was like ‘Urrrgggg no…’ again, half asleep, so my reaction might have been different if I were more awake.

I *think* its safe to assume the cat is a rather important part of the story. And we’ll probably be hit by a startling revalation later on relating to the cat. And others…. My ears did prick up during the 2nd half of the episode when I watched it today. The Shota-con boy, Shima-kun(I keep wanting to type shimapan lol….pantsu on the brain…. so bad… lol) bears a distinct resemblence to the cat does he not?

They got the same colour hair, and same colour eyes…. and when he talked about how he met Sagara, at the same hospital her mother was at, there was a cat on his lap. Spirit transference? Something like that maybe? I dunno. A bit of my own ideas/speculation now… Maybe he died and his spirit was transferred to the cats body? And another bit of speculation, at the end of the episode, in the preview. It’s mentioned that Shima-kun was asked to make ‘her’ wish come true, the ‘her’ we assume is Sagara, and I’m gonna assume, the person who was mentioned that Shima-kun spent alot of time with was Sagara’s mother, and the mother probably died in the hospital, but not before asking Shima-kun to help with the wish thing. Anyone else think something along these lines? Or is it just me being crazy and overthinking the situation lol?

And who exactly is this? (It’s fuzzy on purpose btw)

Just before/after Sagara finds out her crush has a girlfriend already… I hate to say it, but if she liked him so much, she might have found out more about him before hand….and would have avoided this shock for her.

Definately just after she found out. No other reason for a face like that… So sad….. very sad, but not as heartwrenchingly bad as Fuko-chans Arc in series one. (Am onto Kotomi-chan’s Arc now, am liking her more and more rewatching. She might overtake Fuko as my fave if it goes on like this.)

Now, Shima-kun is definately the cutesy, little brother type character, am I right? Shota-con too? Like Honey-sempai of Ouran High School Host Club? He is darling though. Am wondering how long this arc will be aswell…. Sunohara’s was only 4 episodes. (Thank goodness really… Wasn’t too thrilled by his arc….)

Anyways, on the whole, a nice start for a new arc. Can’t wait for more. In the mean time I’ve got the next episode of Kannagi and the next episode of How I Met Your Mother airing on monday, so it should be out by monday night/tuesday morning.

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One Response to “Clannad After Story ep 5”

  1. gordon Says:

    i also think the shouta is the cat. i don’t think this arc will be long.

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