2011 Spring Season Anime Picks: Hidan no Aria(aka Shakugan no Shana-magic+guns)

I’ll start off by saying, my little brother picked this. He likes guns, loli’s and action. All of which Hidan no Aria has, wrapped up in neat little not-to-fanservicey package. Which is also great, because he’s only 13 XD I don’t want him exposed to the kind of thing I was at the same age. I’d already read Chobits by his age. And was working my way through Love Hina & other stuff. I know the Tokyopop age rating was only a rough guide, but they were selling me Chobits when I was 12, & it was marked 16+ XD. I was tall for my age though… STILL. My little broseph can wait. He’s seen anime based on eroge/VN’s as it is lol. Non-ecchi ones though :3

Also, he loves Shakugan no Shana, even bought the DVD boxset(go him!!). So we both noticed the similarity to Shakugan no Shana lol. It’s basically the same thing, only Aria has guns+swords instead of magic+swords XD. (He also loves 24, so lots of guns/violence/chases etc, he loves it XD) We checked afterwards for voice actors and both lol’d at the fact Shana’s seiyuu is voicing Aria XD.

There seems to be alot of *almost* pantsu shots. I wonder if they’ll ever go the whole hog and have a pantsu shot, I don’t mind. I’m happy they haven’t to be honest lol.

My view of the show… its good. It might not be my thing, but if I’m watching with my little bro I’ll probably grow to like it more. I think he’ll be distracted by the girl with the short blue/green hair in the pic above. She reminds me of Yuki Nagato. And he loves Yuki Nagato lol. He seems to go for the quiet, bookish, quite flat chested anime girls, opposed to the overtly moe or super tsundere(like Nagisa, Mikura, Haruhi or Tomoyo, 3 of the 4 have fairly sizable jubblies I think you’ll agree too? XD). I think he likes Hidan no Aria because its about a school where they teach students how to be Jack Bauer, basically. And he’s his hero(right now LOL).

The amber eyed strong silent type(I’d bet). She hasn’t been properly introduced yet, so I could be completely off haha. Oh, the black haired chick with the rack, from the top pic, far left, you can’t see much of her, but I SWEAR she’s evil… I don’t really know my reasoning behind it, there were just a few things in the first two eps. There were other things that made me think otherwise, but I’m gonna go with ‘evil’ on this one. I was right about Kyubey from the get go after all… XD

Oh lookie, she’s all wet, how awful that must be for her. *rolls eyes* XD Enjoy. More Zettai Ryouiki which I always have to look up the spelling for because I can never remember exactly XD So. I really am just watching because of my little brother, I’ll have to download it after I go back to uni, since he’s not allowed to at home, so we’ll just have to bulk watch when I’m back for the summer I spose. Did with Angel Beats. The other anime this reminds me of. School+guns/weapons+violence probably XD.

~All images collected from the freshly ripened scans of Oreno.imouto.org (Still freaks me out a little that its not called moe.imouto anymore XD.)~

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3 Responses to “2011 Spring Season Anime Picks: Hidan no Aria(aka Shakugan no Shana-magic+guns)”

  1. lovelyduckie Says:

    LOL I still haven’t seen Shakugan no Shana

  2. Anime Games Says:

    The characters are kinda look alike with shakugan no shana I’ll be looking forward on seeing this anime and see if this will suites my taste in anime ..LOL..:-)

  3. Snark Says:

    I’m going to prejudge this series based purely on the loli lead; it sucks until proven otherwise.

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