Farm Life: Harvest Moon Tale of Two Towns – Spring Beginning

How adorable am I and Esther? Seriously!!

How adorable am I and Esther? Seriously!!

Down on the farm

Moving in wasn’t as smooth as I hoped, I got caught in a bit of a storm and knocked unconscious before being found by the Mayors of the neighbouring towns, who then forced me to choose where I wanted to live, with the barest of the minimum information. Seriously? Who does that. Anyway. Because I’ve always been fond of raising livestock and naming animals, I went with Bluebell over Konohana. The more western style village. It has more space for raising animals, but less for crop growing, so a downside for cooking maybe.

Then after I’ve decided on where I’m living without even seeing, I’m told they have cooking competitions! EVERY. WEEK. How is a newbie farmer meant to rustle up the ingredients for a decent recipe in the first week?!?! It was unreasonable… As it turned out, you get a bit of help with the early ones. I still managed to make something better than what they intended me too though… *slightly smug*

The quaint township of Bluebell

Starting out, calling my farm Hachi, since Hachiko wouldn’t fit on the sign, I went around Bluebell, meeting the townfolk. Cheryl, Jessica and Ash,(who I’ll elaborate more on later) who run the animal shop, selling cows, sheep, chickens and the food they eat. East of them live Grady and Georgia, who’s very cute, who run the stables, and sell pets and carts. North of that is the Cafe/restaurant, run by the slightly terrifying Howard, but he’s lovely really, likes hot milk, and Laney lives with him, also adorable, but not as adorable as Cam, the florist boy who lives on the ground floor. He’s positively dreamy in the bishiest way imaginable. More on him later 😉

In the dead centre north most part of town you’ll find the Town Hall, where Rutger and Rose reside. An important place obviously. It’s where they let you move town at the end of every month :DD Which is a strange concept. Hopping between towns, saying goodbye to friends and such. But I’m sure I’ll get used to it. Oh. The builder, Eileen, lives just next to the Town hall, in the top left corner of town. She does nothing until she tells you she will. Lazy sod… Makes remodeling and up scaling quite difficult…. And last but not least, the general store. Run by Diego and Enrique, two of a set of triplets, their brother runs the general store in Konohana. He visits every week, as do they visit him weekly. I wondered who decided who was living with who XD.

Oh. I almost forgot. Right in front of the Town Hall, is the request board. Which is paramount, apparently. It’s where townfolk post stuff they want down. Chores and whatnot. Things collecting that they’re too stupid to find, in the slopes just outside town… heading up to the mountain peak, which they go to every week for stupid cooking competitions… how dopey do these people have to be that they can’t find some weeds or rocks? Or flowers even…. catching fish with your hands might be a bit trickier for some I’ll admit… but there’s no excuse really. If I had to learn in my first week living here…. and they’ve lived here all their lives, mostly…. Grady and Georgia moved from somewhere I heard.

So……. as any girl does, she’ll see what’s ‘on the market’ so to speak…

In Bluebell it looks like there are only 2 boys unspoken for, the florist guy, Cam, who seems kinda quiet, but so cute.

Isn't he dreamy? He's always out in the rain tending to his flowers. So dedicated <3

Isn’t he dreamy? He’s always out in the rain tending to his flowers. So dedicated ❤

And Ash. The farmer guy. Who is more outgoing. But they both dress kinda similar…

Both got a country bishie look going. But I always prefer dark hair over light.

Both got a country bishie look going. But I always prefer dark hair over light.

Either way. I was undecided at this point. Until I visited the town over the hill, Konohana, rival township at war with Bluebell because of food o__o;. Where I met Hiro and Kana.

Cute little Japanese style town of Konohana. Complete with cherry blossoms.

Hiro is a doctor in training, looks pretty young, but seems really nice. Lives with this Ayame chick who’s head honcho. Not sure what their relationship is… could be icky… I hope not.

He must work too hard, poor sleepy thing <3

He must work too hard, poor sleepy thing ❤

And Kana is a hunky animal guy, who runs the stables in Konohana. Reminds me a little of a certain member of a some Korean boyband…

He definitely looks like that guy... super cute...don't usually like long hair.

He definitely looks like that guy… super cute…don’t usually like long hair.

So yeah. I looked round town, more kids here… but maybe a nicer air to the place. Lots of plants and stuff. I might move there next month. We’ll see. For now I’m still settling into farm life. Gonna buy my first sheep soon, already got a cow and chicken as a welcome gift. I called them Esther and Cockle. I wanted to call the cow Moonbeam but there were troubles fitting it on the collar… boo…

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