Kotobukiya Nono Nekomiya ~Yotsunoha~ 1/6th PVC Figure Review

Today I recieved my Nono Nekomiya from Forbidden Planet which I ordered.

Much packaging... much much packaging... air pockets and polystyrene.

Much packaging... much much packaging... air pockets and polystyrene.

She cost £25 including shipping. She’s a figure I’ve been wanting ever since her release was announced. And I’d even seen the anime OVA(which was based on a visual novel called Yotsunoha) before I saw the figure! Unlike alot of my purchases, like Corti, Chie, Miko, Pec etc. Getting her was a nice pick-me-up for today, since I’d been feeling fairly crappy since last night. (Might be the nuggets… might be the Chrons… :shrugs: either way, I feel uber-tired and wrong.)


Isn’t she just sooo pretty? And the outfit, sukumizu, nekomimi and tail, thigh high socks and bells is just brilliant! So many iconic accesories in one figure! She looks great too, well made, well painted. And at almost 22cm, 24cm including the cute clover base, she’s one of my tallest figures. Great value for £25. Especially now considering the price on HLJ is now over £40. Damn this recession….

Anyhows, I’ve taken many pics, all of which are included in this post if you keep reading. 😀


3456Her pose is so endearing. That kind of shy, slightly bent legs post, trying to hide with the very bottom of the sukumizu. But even so she’s still got a cute smile. I love how the feet are both bent inwards, another very cute thing to note.  And the head tilt! This figure, this character even, envisions many of the stereotypes of girls from visual novels/eroges.



I love the paintwork on the bells in particular. I do have a thing for bells though, ever since Tokyo Mew Mew back in 2003. The ribbons are mighty cute too. And the way she holds her tail. You can see the paintwork on the ribbons and everywhere else is very good. I can only spot one slight hiccup, on the tail ribbon, which you can just see. The seam on the swimsuit is great, nothing over the sculpt line, same for the socks. Theres some great shading too. On the hair and socks most noticably.


The joints on the hair don’t look too bad either. Just that small one just under the ear stands out the most. As for the other seam lines and joint lines, they’re hardly visible at all on the arms and legs. Kotobukiya have done good.


The stretch detail on the sukumizu is done well, and the shading, the tones is mucho fabu-loso. Same for the socks.



As you can tell, the eyes are glossy enough to cause shine from lights, but there are angles, like the one above this one, which can get no real shine. Me thinks this figure is one of the few that is almost exactly the same as the preview shots. She is a truly top notch figure. The linear tone in the hair is so well done. It’s such a well put together figure. Couldn’t be happier with her. Anyone who already owns her, good choice! Anyone who doesn’t, go find her before she’s too hard to find!! It’ll happen! It always does…


Usually I’d be wary of this kind of novelty base, from the things I’ve heard online. But this fits the figure really well. And its cute to boot!

She came in the white tissue paper, fresh from the factory it seems.

She came in the white tissue paper, fresh from the factory it seems.



Whats this? A trapped Tsuruya-san?

Whats this? A trapped Tsuruya-san?

She don’t seem to be too worried about being trapped does she? lol

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7 Responses to “Kotobukiya Nono Nekomiya ~Yotsunoha~ 1/6th PVC Figure Review”

  1. Orange Says:

    For a second there I thought that the only thing in the box was that Nendoroid Petit Tsuruya. 😛

    What do you usually do with all those packets of air that come as padding?

  2. Persocom Says:

    she’s very adorable, I should check out that OVA. getting figures when you feel crappy is a good way to pick yourself up. now I just need to get one myself XD things haven’t been to great for me either. that’s a lot of packaging, most I’ve seen for something that size I think, they must really care about keeping things safe ^^

  3. optic Says:

    I reckon the stand out of her is the base. I love pretty bases. ^_^
    I was intending to get her at first sight but after watching the OVA, I changed my mind as she’s not of the characters I really like at first thought.
    Overall, she makes a cute little ‘neko’. :3

  4. xsportseeker Says:

    Thanks Meimi!! ^o^
    Will check the links right away!
    Nono is too cute! xD

  5. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M132: Did someone say “trapped”? Ahh, I knew Tsuruya-chan was a trap! >_<

  6. thepoop Says:

    Nono is the most ulta cute thing I have ever seen! I think I need one now 🙂

  7. suki Says:

    D: What a cute fig! And such a different base as well….

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