More Mascot Art

More pics of my mascot. More playing with promarkers. Scantily clad girlies will come tomorrow.

Pretty pink pajama's.

Pretty pink pajama's.

 Anyways, its late, its time for Clannad After Story ep 20. Then some Supernatural season 3. Learned today that I have to wait another 2 weeks for the next episode of Greys Anatomy…. the wait will not be fun… damn american tv series breaks…. my friend is waiting for the next Supernatural season 4 aswell… I’m watching that on ITV2 though.

Gah… must go…. late lol.

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9 Responses to “More Mascot Art”

  1. Snark Says:

    Very, very nice. Your skills with marker colouring are most impressive!

  2. Gunstray Says:

    Your char is damn cute<3, and you that watch supernatural nice, atleast im not the only one waiting for season 4

  3. xjaymanx Says:

    @M-chan: Aww, come on, lol. No girl yawns and stretches like that while standing! LOL! Wouldn’t it make more sense if she just sat up still in bed, was laying across a couch, or studying at her desk? LOL, just teasing… But I wouldn’t mind meeting her IRL. Michi, right? ^_^

  4. Harts Says:

    Very good!
    I thinks you have a nice and somewhat unique drawing style:)

  5. Snark Says:

    By the way, have you decided on a name for her?

  6. Blowfish Says:

    Um maybe its just me or the perspective but it looks to me like she has a bulge in her panties ^^;;;;
    Shes such a girlie in a matching pink outfit

  7. taketombo Says:

    I love the pose and your style is pretty unique to whats out there too ^ ^
    I cant wait to see more of your art, your pro marking skills are great!

  8. xjaymanx Says:

    @M-chan: Haha, okay-okay, lol. I guess u don’t have as dirty a mind as I thought u had. Unless it’s even more so? Hahaha… Hmm, well, u could hold some kind of “mascot name” tournament with six rounds and everything, couldn’t u? LOL! But that could last weeks!… Ah, yes, stretching girls in underwear. Well, I lived with one girl for over 10+ years. Then her sister for another 1+ years. And I gotta say, I don’t recall a “standing underwear stretch”, hehe. All the “underwear stretches” I’ve seen are sitting in bed or couch or chair or maybe on the floor. Of course, yoga doesn’t really count, lol. As for the pajama parties and pillow fights, definitely myth and legend! Sadly. =_=;

  9. Blowfish Says:

    Do you really expect me to have knowledge of female anatomy? I collect plastic girls after all! LOL!
    I do know that you arent flat down there (not through experience but anatomy-class^^;) but the shadowing makes it look like quite a healthy package IMHO.

    I like her nevertheless! Cant wait to see all the different versions of her ❤

    Btw i always wanted to test this:

    Du hast in der Schule Deutsch gelernt,richtig?Mal schauen ob du das hier lesen kannst: Du hast gute Arbeit mit deinem Maskottchen geleistet!

    No Babelfish ^_^

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