Guy it up! 1 – Angel Blade Teaser

The full post is at my ‘Girls Guide to Ecchi‘ blog, many more screen grabs and much more WTF lol. So go here, kay? But beware, tis more NSFW than these few screen grabs.

What. The. Fudge. I mean really! Guys like this? They get off on this kind of ero kind of material? Its just…gross… The monsters… the stupidly large oppai…. the lactating…. :shudder:

The titles, seemingly innocent, nothing that gives away its full of monster rape and oversized oppai, right?
The titles, seemingly innocent, nothing that gives away its full of monster rape and oversized oppai, right?

Admittedly, it was probably about a 50/50 nudity split for the episode, there wasn’t as much ero as I was expecting, but they more than made up for it with the kind of ero… And as you would expect, the majority is NSFW, unless you’re really brave haha. No actual nudity though, but I bet you’d still get in trouble :grin:.

WTF. I mean WTF.
WTF. I mean WTF.

Not WTFing at the baby ofc, I put that there, twill be my censoring baby. Like in the Billy Herrington racing vid lol. Only this poor unfortunate baby came from a google image search. Just seared baby and this one was perfect. I eroded the face a bit to make him look even freakier hehe. Now I would wonder what a man would do with 3 dolphins, as people on hair 2 hands, and I’m sure theres no way they could ‘use’ all three at once because they’d be some sort of traffic jam, just not enough room…

Whats this? She's come to destroy the monster? Using what?
Whats this? She’s come to destroy the monster? Using what?

Yes it does all that. Isn’t the human body amazing? I’m fairly sure this anime is meant to be a parody or something, not to be taken seriously, which is all well and good, cos its just so ludicrous.

i thought these were big
I thought these were stupidly big, but they’re nothing compared to the pair later on…

Plotting to find out who the ‘Angel Blade’ is, in an all girls school where the hot girls are used as sex slaves. Greeeeeaaaat.

Such cuteness for such filth...Now this shot is after she had a dream, about the ‘Angel Blade’ which she seemed to be enjoying far too much for what the dream was.

Even in ero anime.
Even in ero anime.

Sparkles. Kira kira. Whatever you call em, they’re everywhere.

Some graping. Talk of erect nubbins. Such lovely topics for nubile young girls.

Ahhh this is normal for annoying. The graping of loli’s is nothing I ain’t seen before.

THESE are just idiotic. The woman would have major issues, I mean its not even like they’re perky! They’re visably saggy!
what a way to fall
Like, right after this is when it gets really NSFW.

What a way to fall. Poor thing. Being chased by the big raping monsters. Not cool. And not sexy at all. Oh yeah, I meant to say earlier, WHERE ARE THE BRA’S?!? I mean really. Pupils standing to attention everywhere, either they’re wearing really inaffective bra’s, or they’re not wearing them at all. WTF. I’m sorry but WHY, bra’s make eyes/oppai more appealing shapewise! So why draw the eyes under the clothes as if there are no clothes or bra’s……

oi oi
I was actually like ‘lolwut?’ for these bits. I mean really. WTF.

I saw she had 3 earlier on…. and I wondered where they’d all gone… but I didn’t really mind….

Once again, more here. More here. More here. This isn’t it, be a total waste of time sitting through that trash if this was all that came out of it. And tis only ep 1 aswell… *shudder* theres 3 more I think, plus the other newer Angel Blade OVA…. So… enjoy my slow torture lol.

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19 Responses to “Guy it up! 1 – Angel Blade Teaser”

  1. Snark Says:

    That…that is the greatest censor I’ve ever fucking seen.

    But yeah, now you know the pain I go through while doing Girl it Up >=D

  2. lightningsabre Says:

    Ok so umm… interesting perspective. Now mind you I’ve enjoyed Fruits Basket and loved it to bits whereas Snark just think of it as torture… and I kinda enjoy Angel Blade… So I guess I’m just in different ends of the spectrum, lol.

    And you thought Queen’s Blade was bad… then you pick Angel’s Blade as your first “Guy it up” XD

  3. gunstray Says:

    This is history in the making!

  4. KR Jowy Says:


  5. yamada Says:

    When I saw the first episode, most of the time I said wtf wtf XD some of it are not my type, even for a guy like me XD

  6. wavehawk Says:

    …you couldn’t have picked a more tame hentai to watch, could you? This show looks way out there–more along the lines of deviant than H…or else the guys you suggested this are having a laugh at your expense. Hell, I wouldn’t touch that video. 😦

  7. Snark Says:

    By the way, you may or may not be pleased to know that I recently endorsed you on my blog =P

  8. glothelegend Says:


    The first thing I thought when I read this post was: Queen’s Blade. They’re so similar: They are both contain “blade” in the title, and they’re both ridiculous. Queen’s Blade is awesome though.

    Yea I don’t understand how people get off to hentai at all. The only hentai I’ve ever seen were “The Rapeman,” which was awesome and funny as opposed to erotic, but I guess it’s technically hentai. The other I saw was Shoujo Sect, which was just a great story (in fact I enjoyed a lot), and, although it had a lot of lesbian sex scenes, they weren’t THAT graphic (they were still graphic). I’ve never seen this though, and now I don’t ever plan too.

  9. Matteas Says:

    lol at the baby censorship

    Yeah, the oppai shapes are awful. Really appalling. But in terms of size alone, they don’t match Eiken at all.

  10. phossil Says:

    when was aired this show?? I think I watched it before..

  11. Wolfheinrich Says:

    I know I watched angel blade before but I wasn’t too interested in the show. I stand by my suggestion for Words Worth, which is a medium to high quality with a story type eroge. Will see your reaction if you like it or not first before giving any more suggestions.

  12. RyoBase Says:

    Ho ho, nice job on censoring. I’ve already seen this show. All the girls in there are horny, seriously. This is why I prefer hook up with a hooker in real life.

  13. BCOtaku Says:

    try Hatsu Inu ^^

  14. Hentai Says:

    Strangely I’ve never watched this one, or even looked into it. The title gave me such little expectation that I never bothered. I’ll have to give it a go this weekend.

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