Angel Beats! – Key-tastic?

Mmmmm tasty Key-juice

Its really the main reason I’m watching ‘Angel Beats!‘. Key’s involvement. Sadly the chara designs are more Little Busters than Clannad, but its still Key, and therefore worth a go in my opinion 🙂 Jun Maeda and all 😀 My little brother also wanted to watch it because of what I told him about the series before. I think he liked the violence and comedy parts most really… which is fair enough… he’s 12 XD

So far, (seen up to ep 4) I’m liking it, but I’m not *loving* it, I haven’t picked a character to latch onto. I am particularly happy to hear Rei Otohata from Super Gals! again though hehe. As the main chara 🙂

Now... the floating glow-y balls of light. Connection to Clannad maybe? I *really* hope it is, but...why? XD I spose where they are and what the balls of light are, are connected...

He’s Otonashi, the Kyo/Kyon-kun lead male pictured at the top. From appearance he reminds me of Kyo Sohma from Fruits Basket, though his hairs more red than bright orange lol. From personality and demeanor, he reminds me of Kyon-kun. The lead gal, Yurippe is very ‘Haruhi’ too. The similarities are accidental I hope lol.

Yuri in the background 🙂

I find myself, after K-On!, comparing any in-show band to K-On!'s lol.

Girls Dead Monster is…different….I spose… lol… Angel Beats! is kinda feeling like a mish-mash of winning elements from other anime though XD. Not saying its a bad thing. Just pointing it out.

The guy with the spikey hair and closed eyes remind you of anyone? Should do. Very Brock. Can't help thinking it whenever I see him XD

Many funny moments so far. Like this one. With Christ.

XD Yes master!

Lots of funny moments. But... there is some rather dark stuff interspersed in the lighter hearted stuff...

What seems to be happening is that characters are getting mini-arcs and we get their story, and if their memories/regret/whatever is resolved, they ‘move on’ and disappear. Some of these stories get pretty grim. Like Iwasawa’s. OI was that ever a downer…


The latest ep is all baseball-y. Which I now :woop: at unconditionally because of Rookies…. But still had a bit of a downer near the end… we didn’t lose another character at least 🙂 Twas the nice blue haired guys ep. He’s cool. Otonashi keeps asking him if he’s gay lol. Tis funny.

Now… I’m guessing Tenshi(Angel, I prefer calling her Tenshi lol) is gonna be important to the story, she’s very ‘Yuki Nagato’ which my little bro likes. I doubt she’s actually an Angel. I bet she’s just a student who’s been there for ages, in the afterlife/inbetween/limbo… but it is very Haruhi… the crazy leader of the club(army in this case lol)forcing them to do lots of crazy things… I’m less interested in that and more interested in where the hell they are lol. I wanna find out if theres *any* connection to past Key titles. I doubt there will be, but I hope there might be… or nods to past titles XD

Mmmmm Key. Tastes good. XD

Loving the Bolvic too hehe.

Whether or not it’ll be up there with Clannad/Kanon is iffy… shame its only 13 episodes long really, not enough time for multiple story arcs like Clannad/Kanon/Air. But I’m gonna keep watching 🙂 For Otonashi’s seiyuu if nothing else 😀 Yes the animation is very pretty at times, though at odd moments it slips up, but overall its very good. Plotwise… it could turn out to be very LOST-like XD. Plonked down in the middle of the ocean, tho in this, plonked down in the middle of  a high school XD

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4 Responses to “Angel Beats! – Key-tastic?”

  1. HarryMcNuggets Says:

    damn i want a bottle of Bolvic now

  2. biotoxic Says:

    I’m liking Angel Beats! a lot so far. Yui♥Nyan

    So many awesome moments, although I agree with you that the animation is off sometimes, or inconsistent. And it is quite different to the other Key classics, but so far it’s been proving very entertaining.

    TK with his random English phrases cracks me up every time I hear him.

  3. glothelegend Says:

    If you’re comparing the in air musical performances to K-On’s, you’re in luck, these are 393827594857238495696873732732883784959498329385349678783798572052076835289673495827066734895782573420959834758934758927895842586927485245348865432857239859348592394829580349853420 times better than K-On’s.

    That is until they disposed of my favorite character….

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