Tomodachi Life – It will consume yours!!!

This was quite a while ago now...

This was quite a while ago now…

A couple of months ago I acquired Tomodachi Life via a friend from Hyper Japan, when they were having the half price sale. By this point I’d already played the demo and was kind of interested, but didn’t want to pay £35 for it XD.

So me and my friends all have this game now, and we’re all oddly addicted to running our islands full of our Mii-versions of friends and family.

I find myself comparing it to Tamagotchi’s, because you need to feed them and keep them happy by giving them stuff. Only they’re digital versions of people you know, or people you’d like to know in my case too, since I’ve made Mii’s of B1A4. And anime characters. I made a Shana for my little brother to marry, but he ended up marrying my teacher assistant from China, Maggie. And my dad’s married my friend Athina, and my mum is still single. I married who I wanted 🙂 Though we have 3 kids…. which is disturbing. Specially as he had the idea 2 out of 3 times…

The game itself is pretty odd, you are referred to as your in game Mii’s lookalike, so to all the islanders, I am ‘Meimi’s lookalike’, who provides them with sustenance and stuff. I’m basically their god. It’s Sims-esque like that, but you have much less control. If you want a certain Mii to marry another Mii, it can be tough. Luckily I didn’t have to intervene on my Mii’s choice. I’m pretty sure I was asked out, then rejected him, and then later on my Mii asked him out and he said yes, thank god. So there’s a barrage of screencaps under the cut lol.

The system of the game works like this, makes your Mii’s happy=you get money. The more money you have, the happier you can make your Mii’s. I have around £12,000 in game, haven’t got much past that cos I keep buying things, but there’s nothing super expensive apart from certain items and room styles. But the afternoon market will have stuff on sale, so keep an eye out.

You Mii’s will ask you for things, sometimes you won’t have the thing/food item they want, so try to give them something similar, the only reason you get a negative reaction is if they don’t like what you give them, but that’s just a case of testing things out. There are things your Mii’s will love, and things they will HATE. Which results in them either pretend-throwing up, or melting into a grey puddle on the floor. If they love something, your Mii will dance or rocket into space. It’s a weird game.

The Mii’s also level up, and you get to give room styles, presents, phrases and songs when they do, once they reach level 20 you will also be able to give any of your wardrobe items, hats or outfits, at no cost or loss to you. PLUS you will get a gold or silver coin for each additional level, which you can seel for 200 or 100, respectively. The pawn shop is where you sell stuff. It’s a useful boost of funds.

One of the fun features of Tomodachi Life is that you can take photo’s in game, with the X and Y buttons. And I do. Too much almost. I take pictures of the most mundane things. Like this. BRUSHING TEETH.


And then I take overly mushy pictures like this, in the photo booth on the island.

HNI_0017 (3)

My family. As of last week. We had a 3rd kid… called it Kyou. Need to dye his hair orange actually… named him after Kyou in Furuba XD

HNI_0018 (3)  HNI_0021 (3) HNI_0022 (3) HNI_0023 (3)

One of the things I’m most excited about is the fact I made a Syaoran-kun, for my Mii-daughter Sakura, and they’re 96% compatible!! I thought that was AWESOME!

HNI_0017 (4)

And this is my friend getting married to Shana. They haven’t had any kids yet. He’d already been married once, but they got divorced o___o; so weird that it happens in game…

HNI_0024 (2)

This is Kyou 🙂 His hair changed 3 times before he matured o_O it went all Brock-like so I changed it…

HNI_0034 (4)

If I ever had kids, this is how it’d be I swear.

HNI_0051 (3)

Don’t ask why he’s dressed in the Uncle Sam outfit… I know I gave it to him, but in the post-child maturing photo album thing, the Mii’s are put in random outfits…

HNI_0052 (4)

Pretty much what my Mii’s spend most of the time doing. Making googoo eyes at each other. And ignoring the baby XD = REAL LIFE.

HNI_0060 (3)

And this is my dad with his waifu. And their first daughter, Heidi.

HNI_0065 (4)

And the David Tennant mii and my friend Lara and their second kid, I think they’ve had 3 now too…


So as you can see, this game is stupid addictive. I must do the morning market, the afternoon market, then the evening market. Plus check what new food/hats/outfits are for sale everyday, and make sure people are happy. I’ve given over 1000 food items now apparantly. I have like less than 30 people on this island… I think… and I’ve solved many many Mii problems.

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