Yurikumaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ Yurikuma Arashi!!

ginko n yurigasaki

Got these almost a year ago now I guess. Been worried about leaning, but they seem to be holding up well so far. And being the only Yurikuma figures I’ve seen, full scale anyways, I had to have them. Got them together for £30-ish I believe. (It’s been a while.) Considering the price, they both look very nice. And in these outfits too. Can’t wait for the Blu ray’s to come out too :DD

yurigasaki5 yurigasaki4 yurigasaki3 yurigasaki2 yurigasaki1 yurigasaki close yurigasaki best yurigasaki 5 yuri kuma boxes pantsu 1 ginko4 ginko3 ginko2 ginko ginko pantsu ginko best ginko 6 ginko 5 gao gao box side

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