New Doctor being revealed tomorrow!!!!

The Doctor and Rose Tyler.(Now in an alternate dimension...)

The Doctor and Rose Tyler.(Now in an alternate dimension...)

Because its Steven Moffat taking over as head writer, I kinda hope its Jack Davenport, because he has been in stuff by Moffat before… but thats just my choice lol. I’d like Damien Lewis as the Doctor too. But the choices being bet on seem dire….. People are even betting on Harry Potter(Daniel Radcliff)!! Who the hell though he would be a good Doctor??? Robert Carlisle maybe, he would have been better when he was younger. And it sucks they used John Simm as the Master… cos he would have been fine….
I just hope its someone suitable, maybe that no one has heard of… Long as they’re right for the role.

Tomorrow at 5:35 on BBC1! Theres a special confidential about the 10 doctors, they’re announcing it during that apparantly. I heard earlier on Radio 4.


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2 Responses to “New Doctor being revealed tomorrow!!!!”

  1. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M132: LOL, damn! Now your excitement is starting to get me all anxious too, lol. Ahh, just because an actor appeared as a different previous character doesn’t mean anything. Because that’s how they found Colin Baker (Doctor #6); he previously played a Gallifreyan guard (a little too well), lol. And we all know that Martha appeared as a killed-off character before Martha Jones, hehe… Can’t wait! Well, actually, yes I can. ^o^

  2. Ashper Says:

    It some random bloke!

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