Viva Pinata


I first played Viva Pinata a few years ago around a friends house. Spent hours on it, addicted from the onset. I really shouldn’t be let near addictive sim games… Harvest Moon… Animal Crossing… those kinds…. I waste hours and hours on these types of games, and buy multiple versions of whats basically the same game with a few added bits. Sometimes not even extras… I bought Viva Pinata on the PC when I first got addicted, but alas, no 360, so had to settle for the PC version, still awesome. Tho on my slow-ass computer it wouldn’t run nicely… much like Sims 2 wouldn’t on my old laptop… runs ok on this one. (Thats another game I shouldnt have been let near…)


So… reason for a Viva Pinata rant, tis what I’ve been doing for the past week, instead of spending 12+ hours a day online lol I’ve migrated from one screen to another. I have Klonoa to play too.Vision 5-2 is a bitch… or…one part of it is…. lots of those bomb-critters… tis hell to avoid being pushed on the platform by the explosion if I jump for one of the important bits you gotta collect. Back to bashing in Sour Sherbats and any other interloping Pinatas….

Ahhhh Fudgehogs and Fizzlybears. Don't Fudgehogs sound just a little bit rude? Or is it just my filthy mind? lol

Ahhhh Fudgehogs and Fizzlybears. Don't Fudgehogs sound just a little bit rude? Or is it just my filthy mind? lol

Viva Pinata is one seriously sweet game. I mean sickly sweet. Not just cos the pinatas are named after food, but just all the colours, the graphics, its so pretty, and you can dress them up too, not right away, when you’ve leveled up a bit. Just today I put a bonnet on one of my Quackberrys. And a wind-up key on a Fudgehog, and a scarf on a Pretztail. (I resent having to feed my Quackberry army to my Pretztails in order to breed them…. but it has to be done… to be a master romancer in each species…. My Mousemallows and Bunnycombs were bred, then sold or eaten afterwards. Made quite a bit, but not sure where those chocolate coins have gone… need more cash….

Ahhh pretty little Bunnycombs… I had to feed my precious bundles of joy to the Pretztails to get them to be residents… had to do that with Sparrowmints too… that reminds me… must become a master romancer of Sparrowmints… keep selling them when they become residents lol… Can’t do that… hehe…..

I think I might go see if the TV is free downstairs.. to get a bit of late night VP in, since I’m always up stupidly late anyways, might aswell do something semi-productive with my time hehe. I wil try to update more!!!

On a side note, finished Sexy Voice and Robo a few nights ago… the end was so sad… why did they have to leave it that way…. am gonna have to read the manga now, see how that ends… not even sure if its finished yet….. anyways… Ja ne!

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6 Responses to “Viva Pinata”

  1. Michael Flux Says:

    Does look pretty fun 🙂 Reminds me alot of Pikmin 😀

  2. gunstray Says:

    All I know is this game has cute colorful graphic, and anything cute is worth buying^^;

  3. Snark Says:

    So…you breed cute little critters for the sole purpose of brutally killing them and feeding their innards to other cute creatures to repeat the process…

    I find that hilariously morbid. I must play this game!

  4. Ashper Says:

    I aquired this game after you mentioned it and now cannot stop playing……….. your a bad influence on me Miss Meimi ^_^.

  5. MysteryShinyMew Says:

    XD I haz the game!! But we were seeing despicable me an friday and my stupid mom punished me from it.

  6. MysteryShinyMew Says:

    she said maibe i can. but it’s up 2 her.

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