Gundam Markers GET!

Sieg Zeon!!

Sieg Zeon!!

Last week I ordered me some Gundam Markers, the Zeon set from Gundam Mad*, seeing as Zeon’s rock most, obviously lol. And I gots em today! :woop!: When I looked to see what kinda nib it was I was like, ‘uwhaaaa?’ and had no clue what to do with em lol. But then I remembered the guide thing I found here, on Chubbybots blog. His tutorial on removing the nubs is brilliant too. Helped me no end. Though I still need to get some Tamiya Polishing Compound, no worries though, since I know where I can buy it online lol, since its illegal here hehe. More below the cut!! Go on, you know you want to!! lol

Other than that… I think I gots everything else that folks suggested to me, flat matt topcoat(which is super awesome at reducing shine on my beloved Gelgoog-otousan!!), super-fine sandpaper, which is the wet-dry kind I think… works better when wet anyways lol, theres the pigment markers, which work much better on a matt surface lol. I also have a couple of the Tamiya weathering sets, as you can see in the previous post, hmmm, I think thats it… the Gundam Markers ofc, which worked wonders on parts of my Gelgoog Cannon. The dark grey in the pack was perfect for finishing him off, and then I got the add the decals, which was much easier to do that I thought lol. Theres only a tiny bit of an M missing on his left shoulder lol, nothing hugely noticeable anyways. He looks so good now!! I do need to take photos, I tried taking some earlier, but it was getting dim outside so they didnt take well… got one oddly funky pic taken on a longer exposure lol, where he’s like glowing from the flash, makes him seem shinier than he is now… I will take more whenever I’m back from thetford forest park though. (Kiddies are all back at school! So we only have preschoolers to deal with! Huzzah!!)

Power up!!!!

Power up!!!!

See how much he’s changed since I first built him last week??

Super shiney, too shiney....

Super shiney, too shiney....

He’s now all funkified and kitted out with decals and whatnot. Loves him. Properly chuffed with how he’s turned out, even with the nub marks still there mostly. Only one I haven’t panelled up is my very first gunpla, which I may leave as is, don’t wanna ruin my dear Gelgoog-okaasan. Maybe Gelgoog-oneechan? I’m not decided on that yet lol.

Anyways, bonus pic of my ever growing Zaku clan! Sometime soon I should be starting a Gouf flock too. Maybe a Dom pack or a Gogg school. I hope to amass quite a selection of Zeon gundam, be it in gunpla form, MSIA form or whatever else is available lol.

My 1/144th with my 1/200th. I love my Zaku Sniper, so purdy and not-shiney one bit. Plus his gun. The brown pigment pen worked wonders.

My 1/144th with my 1/200th. I love my Zaku Sniper, so purdy and not-shiney one bit. Plus his gun. The brown pigment pen worked wonders.

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7 Responses to “Gundam Markers GET!”

  1. purplezest Says:

    ah wikid, they look well cool, and the nub removing thing is genius 😀
    i love the second pic down, looks well epic, he looks like he is about to do some major damage lol

  2. Arein Says:

    All I can say is ZOMG!! You really did go all out.. 😀

    Quick tip.. Try to use the gundam markers from time to time they tend to dry out if you leave ’em alone for a long time XD Writing on paper will do.. :p

  3. Snark Says:

    I am so aroused right now >_<

  4. acesan Says:

    Woah! You seem to have gotten into Gundams in a big way. paint, weathering, topcoat, the works 😛 I wish I still had that enthusiasm or I wouldn’t have like 15 unbuilt Gundams in my closet

  5. Tommy Says:

    Looks really good. Any plans on getting MGs in the future?

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