On the hunt…

…for a new Twitter compatible mobile… I’ve become somewhat addicted…. and my phones too basic to handle any twitter application(that I can find), its a Nokia 2680 Slide. If anyone knows of twitter apps any that work with more basic phones, do tell!

I love Nokia’s to bits… and I’d love to get another one… with a keypad, touchscreen-only bugs me… qwerty would be nice, but the N97 is crazy expensive, and I’m not willing to fork out for that. Ofc I won’t restrict myself if theres a nice twitter compatible phone which has a keypad/qwerty keypad with decent battery life lol.

Any ideas?

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5 Responses to “On the hunt…”

  1. Matt Says:

    Eep. I don’t know many phones are out there at the moment- I only upgrade mine every few years, compared to most people who upgrade every month-__-

    There’s some I do know though- my cousin have some nice ones-the sony satio and the HTC touch(think that’s what it’s called). Most companies promote the touch srceen ones(which i don’t like-i prefer old-fashioned buttons), so it’s a little harder looking for ones with full keypads.lol
    Probably pretty expensive to buy, so if you’re looking for a newer phone with twitter, maybe have a look at the ones on contract.

    Either that or get a *shudder* iphone

    Hope you’re well =) Well, better than me at least.had the flu the past few daysx__x

  2. Matt Says:

    sorry for the double reply so soon- I thought you might wanna check this out:


  3. laruto Says:

    i have a basic phone too, and i found the Twitter mobile web interface @ dabr.co.uk has every features that i need.

    never thought someone would change their phone because of Twitter, you must be really into this tweeting-stuff ^^

    • meimi132 Says:

      I tried it with my current phone… didn’t seem to work… wudn’t log in dangit… I’m still iffy about getting a new phone…. don’t like doing it and I’ve only ever had 2 phones lol. 1 for nearly 6 years+this one for a little less than a year.

      It ain’t just bout twitter, I’ve wanted a qwerty keyboard for ages, and this addiction to twitter has coincided with the re-ignition of my want for a qwerty phone lol.

  4. phossil Says:

    I have used the mobile version of twitter http://m.twitter.com you can use it without to download any app.

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