Lost Encyclopedia (Spoilers desu)

When it costs £10 instead of £20. And for a bigass hardback like this. I couldn’t say no. Specially with the Lost-shaped void in my life after it ended XD.  Twas a preorder technically lol.

Pretty dustjacket. But not as pretty as the proper hardcover.

Biiiiiiiiiig quotes XD

In a matt and gloss finish. GAWD its pretty. I can't get over the awesome.

So simple, but so effective. Great design. Inside too.

Such a pretty contents page, no?

I was sort of shocked when I saw this inside of the book. I was somehow under the impression that it’d be more… boring? I dunno, just not this pretty, like the DK books I had when I was younger at any rate. I’m completely in love with the book at the moment. It’s kinda sad to get this excited over a book… but its just so awesome!!

A few sample pages now :3

I've met this man. (Not Jacob, Mark Pellegrino.) He is BEYOND epic. Seriously. I flail whenever I recall that time...

I want to meet this guy. Titus Welliver. How awesome is that name? Seriously? Getting a pic with him and Mark would be EPIC. Since they've both been in Lost & Supernatural XD

More pretty. I love all these stuff. Prop stuff. Its epic.

Inside the cover. Lovely grey & white photos of the main cast from the beginning...

...and the insider of the back of the book. Cast from the end of the series pretty much. Love this set of photos.

I won’t show you anymore of the main book, because you should OWN IT. Obviously only if you’ve seen the entire series or don’t mind spoilers. Cos this book is like one giant spoiler XD If your a Lost fan and you don’t have this, or haven’t even thought about buying it. BUY IT NOW. Amazon UK still says preorder, but I have mine already, so thats obviously wrong XD. Was released on the 21st of October. America of course already had it before we did. Anyways. Go. Buy it. Buy it now. Lost fans and not-Lost fans! Because this is an epic book and it deserves to be owned!

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