Kotobukiya Kotomi Ichinose Figure Review – Kotomi-GET!!

‘The place changes and goes. Like a wind, like clouds. Like the traces of the heart, no halt to the places.’

A quote found on the back of the box. From the song ‘Ana’ off the Clannad soundtrack. I never really liked the song, but recognised the lyrics from the beginning and from one episode….

Today I got my Kotomi!! I ordered her late-late monday night, she was shipped on tuesday, and arrived today via Parcelforce!! I finally caved… I know I should be saving money for the London Expo… but I have no clue if Kotomi will be available at the Expo… And I didn’t wanna miss out on getting her. I missed out on Fuko on the Play.com site… was not gonna miss out Kotomi… And since there is only one Kotomi Ichinose review on the web that I could find, and it’s on a foreign site, that doing my own would be ok. Took loads of pictures and got a decent amount of decent ones.

Isn’t she cute??!! The photo’s on the other review didnt make her look good, too close some of them, but when you see her in real life she’s sooo cute sweeter! So much like Kotomi in the series!(Clannad for those who don’t know lol.)

Without the props.

Without the props.

Isn’t she darling?! And I’m getting better with the camera I think…. it helps that the lighting in the room was good too. Seeing her like this just makes me wanna rewatch Clannad all over again!! But I’ve got so much to watch!!

Kotomi-chan to the side.

Kotomi-chan to the side.

I hope these photos make you all go out and buy her while you still can! Because she’s totally worth getting! (More pics below here!!!)

The hair sculpt is nice and detailed. Some joint/mould lines visible, but not horribly so. I love how her hair looks like it’s in a slight breeze, just wafting about a bit. Gives it more life.

A shot of the front of the body, so you can see the shape of her. Skinnier than I usually like my figures, but when it’s about the character and not all about the looks(like with Corti and some other figures I’ve bought purely by looks alone) the girls shape matters less. Because Kotomi is just darling regardless of size!!

I thought I might not like the hair much, but I warmed to it while looking at the only other Kotomi review, but the colour of the hair in their photo’s seems a bit off somehow.

I did truly go overboard taking pictures of Kotomi…. 94…94 I had when I checked, not all good, but a decent percentage were acceptable to post here. Weirdly I did better with the close ups, some of the full-body shots are a bit fuzzy round the head area if you’ve noticed.(You should have lol…) Back to the figure anyhows. There is some shading in the hair, not much, but it’s definately there, and does make a nice difference, would probably be quite boring to have plain colour hair. Though the actual outfit itself is fairly plain, it won’t matter to the Clannad fans, and since thats who the figure is aimed at, its A-Ok lol.

These are the accessories and extra bits and bobs you get with Kotomi-chan. Two alternate arms, for her book and scissors pose. An extra fringe(bangs) with bunny ears, a bunny tail, the scissors, the violin and…thing you use to play violin…name has escaped me… I should know… but memory has failed me…:sob:

Moe-overload!!!! Hauuuuuu!!! Another thing, the joints on the arms. I was a little wary of how visible they’d be(since they’re removable), but as you can see, not bad at all. Still haven’t had the courage to try and remove the current arms and changed them with the other set. I prefer the violin set anyways I think.

More Moe!!!! Kotomi has always looked fairly meloncholic to me. I’m sure some, if not alot of you, will agree with that. This shot especially makes her look sadder than the rest I think….

Back-left side shot.

Left-side close up. I just realised I’ve never really considered or thought about the ears on figures. How you you? Ever thought about the ears on your figures? Are bad looking ears going to stop you from buying a figure if they’re quite visible? I spose I’ve never thought about them because they’re not very visible on any of my figures to my memory… would have to check the rest of my collection at home to clarify this though…

Pretty shoes. I like the brown school shoes that feature on alot of figures. 3 out of the 6 figures I have with me have the cute brown school shoes, they vary in style, MF Haruhi’s are the brightest and have the least detail, GSC Lucy has tiny feet! I never noticed before lol. Another thing… socks…. 4 out of the 6 have knee-length dark blue school socks… never realised the pattern before lol. Will count how many more blue socked figures I have when I’m next at home hehe.

Now onto the most important part for some people. Is it cast off? The only other review does not show cast off pics, but I, somewhat begrudgingly, am going to… is ruining Kotomi-chan’s innocence really worth it though??!! You’d probably say ‘Heck yeah!!’ lol Oh well, here ya’ll go.

Front pantsu. Legs look nicer with skirt off funnily enough. They seem to have more shape to ’em. Hips visible I spose.

Side pantsu shot.

And probably the most important pantsu shot for most, the back pantsu shot. The common white-with-light-blue-tint pantsu for Kotomi-chan. Nice creasage I think you’ll agree. You approve of her tushie?

So, have I changed your mind about this figure, or just made you want this figure?

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11 Responses to “Kotobukiya Kotomi Ichinose Figure Review – Kotomi-GET!!”

  1. hikky Says:

    Uhhu my favourit Clannad girl with special audio atttacks^^

    Where did you find her? Cause she is sold out nearly everwhere 😥

  2. Blowfish Says:

    I wouldnt buy her because i dont like Clannad at all XD

    She looks like a pretty good one for a Koto figure.
    I usually dont look out for the figures ears but if those ears seem to look like cauliflowers id think once again about the purchase.

    I know im repeating myself but: Your bedsheets RULE^^

    PS:I finally managed to get Battle Rondo running! Yay! I just messed up my Username…Im 21212 :/ Didnt know what to input in the first screen so i just threw in random numbers…^^;;

  3. optic Says:

    “You approve of her tushie?”
    Started cracking up when u asked the question. I approve. ^^
    Well, let me just say, u surprised me in letting me know she’s castoffable. I had no idea she was.

    If I knew beforehand, I would have gotten her at my last convention. T_T
    Nice shoot.

  4. Nomad Says:

    oooh really nice!!

  5. suki Says:

    Nice! It’s Kotomi-chan~
    Lovely review, I’ve had my eyes on her but, wan’t sure but.. I think I am now XD
    Agreeing with Blowfish, your bed sheets rule!

  6. acesan Says:

    Kotomi is cute. But the one I’m really after is Tomoyo. Have you seen the special Clannad episode that is alternate universe and assumes Tomoyo ws Tomoya’s gal? For some reason that one had way more emotional impact for me than the real story ^_^;;

    Anyways Tomoyo seems to be getting re-released this December so I’ve pre-ordered! May get other Clannad girls too if they get released again.

  7. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M132: Damn, that’s a lotta parts-n-pieces, lol. Kotomi isn’t one of my faves; so if I ever caved with Clannad, it would be Kyou and Nagisa. ^_^

  8. Haruji Says:

    Ahh I see you obtained her ^_^.

    Yes a nice piece of figure, I had her on “violin pose” most of the time, in fact, I haven’t utilize the other parts =_=”

  9. gordon Says:

    Day before yesterday I saw a rabbit, and yesterday a deer, and today, you.

  10. ETERNAL Says:

    I personally like this figure, it’s a good depiction of Kotomi’s melancholic beauty.

    Also, I never realized this one could cast-off 0_o

  11. Q Says:

    Wow quite a few exchangeable parts for this figure! I’m quite neutral about Kotomi, but the figure does represent her very well.

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