News & Late pick ups

Today, I got something I’ve wanted to get for a long time. The domain name It’s been a dream since… probably my powerpets days to own my username domain name. .com,, whichever. But I decided .com was the best way to go first, I might get later on. I’ve got it redirected to my blog at the moment. One day I’m sure I’ll make the transaction to and I can use it for that. None of this would have been posible if it weren’t for xJaymanx and Koshiko. I couldn’t have got this far without their help and nudges in the right direction lol. So thank you both! Soooooo much!!! I don’t know how I can ever repay you!

As for my late pic ups, I downloaded the first episode of Ef Tale of Melodies when it was released, earlier in the season, but like a few others, I didn’t get round to watching it. One day, a week or so ago, I finally got round to watching it, and decided to download a few more episodes, and began to enjoy it, even though its a bit dark and depressing. I’ve got all the episodes up to date now, and am just watching them. Am on episode 8 now.


(High(er) res version available here.) I’ve got the first Ef series, Tale of Memories, backed up ready to watch, have done for months now, after I remembered seeing one of the episodes late in the  series and being intrigued. I also liked the art style, same character designer that worked on Da Capo apparantly. It is apparant, but I didn’t see it at first lol.

As for Tale of Melodies, I’m intrested to see how it’ll pan out. And I should really watch the first series too, to get the full story lol. I’m sure I’ve missed something vital by not watching the first series first… but I’ve done this with novels before… so I’m sure it’ll be fine…. like when I read ‘The Subtle Knife’ before I read ‘Northern Lights’ I dont think I would have liked the series of books as much if I hadn’t read ‘The Subtle Knife; first thought…..


(High res here) I think I prefer Hayama Mizuki to Amamamiya Yuuko. I just found Yuuko unlikable… maybe due to the beginning… I’m not sure…. I’m not really feeling sorry for her for anything thats happened to her, especially in episode 6-7. Where as I feel so bad for Mizuki…. Kuze is a bitch…..(and he’s a guy not a girl, I just tend to call guys bitches too lol.) If you didn’t know anything of the Ef Tale of Melodies, it takes place in two different times, Yuuko’s time, and Mizuki’s time, which seems to be set in the future, far as I can tell. But with series like this, they might twist it and confuse the viewer further lol. It’s alot artier than I usually watch aswell. Lots of german words in the opening and during the episodes. Not completely sure why…. probably explained in the first series knowing my luck… lol I’d like to play the visual novel to someday, but I’ll have to wait for the english translation first lol.

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7 Responses to “News & Late pick ups”

  1. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M132: Hehe, dunno much about this “Tales” anime, but might be something for me to take note of… Hey, congrats, the URL redirect works perfectly, lol. So whattaya think? Pretty easy dream to reach, eh? Haha. ^_^;

  2. Panther Says:

    Yes, your own host and domain name are much better especially using the WordPress blogging platform. Looking forward to when I have to switch the URL of your blog and feed. 🙂

  3. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M132: No problema! When the time comes when you’re bored of and make the leap to, I’ll be watching and chuckling, lol. ^o^

  4. optic Says:

    Congratz on ur new domain. Koshiko also helped me set up my new blog and domain and I thank her very much. She really is the php princess. ^^
    RSS feeds and Link changed.

  5. Blowfish Says:

    Congratulations! One more step closer to taking over the world!

  6. Persocom Says:

    right on ^^ I have yet to watch any of the “ef” franchise, I’ve heard a lot about it but I guess I have to see it for myself before I’ll know if I like it.

  7. koshiko Says:

    Hey Meimi~ you’re very welcome ;3 All I would’ve asked for is a link, but you’ve taken care of that, much ❤ to you~ I’ll link you up right after I hit ‘submit comment’ here, lol~

    Not a fan of depressing series so don’t think I’ll pick this one up ^^;;

    @Optic, thanks~ <(^///^);; [I don’t know php though u_u~ just know how to edit what’s already there, lol~]

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