How annoying is Parcelforce?!?!

I'd like to Geass their asses into providing a better service...

I'd like to Geass their asses into providing a better service...

I mean really! We pay for EMS shipping, the best available on HLJ, and then we get the super sucky, delayed services of Parcelforce when your package reaches the UK! EVEN if it is under the £18 threshold for outside-the-EU imports! Why bother forking out the extra cash, if its gonna take nearly as long as SAL anyways??!! I just wanted to get it before I left for Uni… but I doubt its gonna arrive tomorrow, so my parents are gonna have to either bring it to me or send it too me! GAWD Parcelforce suck, and Mr.Parcelforce, I hope you’re reading this!! Do you know how much pain you cause importers? I’ve seen the cases via google on forums and such, and they’re all horror stories!! Get your butts in gear! Your worse than Royal Mail for crying out loud!! And they’re almost striking at the moment!!!! Little more below, and   vid…

If other folks who have been screwed over by Parcelforce with import tax/duty, or, the real kicker, ‘handling fee’s’ of like £13!!! (What the hells up with that?!) Post here! Make a complaint, have a rant! Get your hatrid for Parcelforce off your chest!

My latest one was held for presentation to the customs guy, then it was ‘awaiting charges, then charging, and then it was released with charges anyway!!! What was the point in making me wait that extra time!! You can read the price on the box, the declared value! And it was UNDER £18!!!! FFS….

(This mainly applies to those who import from outside the EU, from the US, Japan, Hong Kong etc, importing from inside the EU doesnt usually incur charges, BUT it’ll still be delayed getting to you most of the time…. Or maybe its just the Parcelforce Coventry holding area thats super sucky at processing parcels? Cos thats where mine get sent for sorting everytime I’ve used EMS.)

And now, a little Lee Evans rant on Parcelforce, cos it was one of the first videos I found on Youtube when I searched ‘Parcelforce suck’ lol. Its a little NSFW due to the swearing, but it depends on where you work really, if you work in a primary or first school, best not, high schools or desk jobs should be fine lol.

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34 Responses to “How annoying is Parcelforce?!?!”

  1. purplezest Says:

    i hate parcel force i try not to use them when i can but the last time i got charged by the post office £11 for a £2.50 iphone cover (coming from america) – which of course i didn’t bother paying or picking it up – just was not worth it i would rather lose the £2.50 then the £11 they just take the micky its stupid. charging for a £2.50 item is just beyond me and way over the real price of the item they are insane.
    Parcel force take the longest time as well i really wanna know what they do when they recieve the parcel they must just leave it in a room for about 4days just discussing wot to do with it, and i would kill them as well paying for ems and then i taking the same amount of time as sal is not good. they really do need to re-think how they run it. and ther none existant customer service

  2. Priss Says:

    Well I totally empathise, seems half my life is spent ducking ways to get my goods to me without the greedy fingers of customs roughing up my stuff and then charging me for the privellage of delaying my package… ARGH! The bane of international hobbiest worldwide are the customs overlords!

    At least Botan will be safe – ^_^ – he’s with my supplier and will ship at the start of Oct. ^_^

  3. Guy Says:

    I have it worse.

    The reason they hold it is when they don’t know what the actual value of the package is. When it’s books, they can look at the declared value, compare it to what they know, and decide.
    With stuff like figures which most customs guys don’t know shit about, and thus can’t tell how much it should cost, and whether the declared value is good, they hold it.

    BTW, love that Geass Haruhi, where is it from?

    Also, you pay for EMS in part so that the package would at least reach the UK quickly, and supposedly suffer less damage abroad. BTW, EMS is more likely to get stopped by customs, from my experience.

    • meimi132 Says:

      I’m aware that EMS will get stopped by customs almost everytime… *almost* being the operative word lol. I hope they they won’t always…
      Ummmm the image, came from here, in the first few pages of the thread I believe.

      • Guy Says:


        And don’t bet on it. I might be moving my pre-orders from Hobby Search to HLJ just so I could avoid the customs. I might have a customs post next week or the week after, but the charges and hassle are HUGE.

        I have to drive to the main customs office when they stop a package. And even when it’s customs free, I have to pay a stiff handling fee.

        • meimi132 Says:

          Go with HLJ. Least they let you pick which shipping you want. You could try Otacute too, they’re shipping charges are super reasonable.

          I dont drive to the customs office, I just phone em and pay the charges that way, then the package is sent on, I’ve done that twice before now….

  4. Matt Says:

    Hey Meimi- came here from danny choos page^^ Nice blog. lol- I think I had the same problems with parcelforce, despite the depot being less than half a mile from my house. they made an ”attempted delivery” like Lee Evans shows…^^ . only then do they deliver my stuff to the nearest post office which burns down overnight T_T

    How come it takes 2 days to get from Japan, on the other side of the world, yet takes another 5 to get from coventry(inport office) to Leicester (my hometown), which is less than 50 miles?>.<
    lol. sorry for the rant Meimi^^: I'm sure you've had similar stories though

    • meimi132 Says:

      By all means, rant away!
      Sucks ass that the post office burnt down…. that really does suck… I’d be so pissed off if that happened…
      You live in Leicester then? Go to Leicester Uni or DMU? Or still in school lol?

      • Matt Says:

        yup. crappy leicester XP i went to leicester college, but not uni.Always go past there though.

        • meimi132 Says:

          Leicester ain’t crappy compared to the back end of beyond.(tiny village in Norfolk lol) Much more fun. Cinema sooooo close by. But the many-MANY bars n clubs are of no use to me, as I’m not really down with that kinda socialising lol.
          Since your an illustrator type guy, you didnt work around Newarke Street didya? I know there were some graphics companies around there.

          • Matt Says:

            I’m not currently in work, but i know where you mean. I’m kinda the same way with the bars and club things. I think living in the country would be cool though =)

            • meimi132 Says:

              Not cool…oh so boring… if you wanna go anywhere you have to drive, or in my case be driven lol. I long for the days where I’m once again, 5-10 mins walk from a cinema hehe.
              I hate working… job working, only certain kinds would be good… but McDonalds was so hot and busy and fast paced…. never going back… unless I’m absolutely desperate…

              • Matt Says:

                heh. i see your point =)
                I think I’d die if I had to work in mcdonalds >.< too busy for me.

                lol. squished up text-box. I sent you a message on dev art,too^^

  5. gundamjehutykai Says:

    You’re preaching to the choir here!!

    I’ve had so many issues with them, I’ve given up hope. Too many horror stories, like the Shuraki Char which was sent to a local post office contrary to my instructions (note: I said “A” local post office, not “MY” local post office), The shuraki Mei feng (I think it was her, but the story is true anyway) which got stopped at customs and got the VAT calculated using the HKD exchange rate!! The retards couldn’t see the massive HobbyLink JAPAN logo and used an exchange rate of 13 instead of closer to 200. The charge was greater than the value of the goods!!!

    And most recently, I was charged for my Garage kits. The charge was less than the damn holding fee the put on it!! Assholes!!!

    That’s why I’m for privatisation of the postal force. Their service simply cannot be worse than it is currently!!! Even a geass (or several hundred) couldn’t save it!

    Oh, and the £12 charge for a weekend delivery or £6 charge to deliver to another address. WTF????
    Yes, of course everyone has nothing else to do except sit at home for several days (cos you don’t knwo when it will arrive) waiting for a parcel delivery, whenever that may be. Work? That’s not important…

  6. aquilla Says:

    Parcel force are the devils as far as I’m concerned. I collect dollfies and bjd and they’re always handled by parcel force and they’re always charged. My last doll I paid £78 fees for. I’ve also been charged fees on my Len Nendoroid.

    I’ve had countless problems waiting for delivery too, spending says stuck at ‘waiting charging’ and such.

    For my dolls, I always have to use a service that goes through Parcel Force, but for figures I always use sal now and they don’t get charged by royal mail. or it hasn’t happened yet at least.

  7. vixums Says:

    I really have no idea about the shipping system at all ^^; I just kinda lay back and wait for my package to come, though on Otacute I have to option for SAL, and I always get that because they’re really good with shipping and handling and I don’t mind the wait. I have to say though, if I knew the site was known for horrible handling, I would fork over an extra 20 to make sure my item got here safe and sound. I hope I don’t have any of these experiences I read here, they sound horrible. Lord knows I would go crazy on my post office if one of my goods ended up being torn up or if I was charged more than the goods themselves for something that wasn’t even my fault.

    • purplezest Says:

      iv only ever gone with Sal so for on otacute its nice and cheap and reachs me quite fast and never been charged yet (touch wood lol) but my packages have mainly all been under £20, i am too cheap to go for the faster option lol

      • vixums Says:

        Don’t be ashamed of your cheap ways, I know I’m not. It’s the same with me, I’m still too afraid to really dive in and get actual figures over 50 dollars (the ONLY PVC I have was 68 with shipping, and that was for my birthday, so I’m letting it slide). I have no need for my figures except for actually looking at them, so no rush to get them at all. If it’s a matter of how they package the item, then yeah, I won’t spare an expense. Why bother paying at all if it’s just going to get to you broken, after all.

  8. Blowfish Says:

    Ohh sounds like they suck major butt.
    The only thing delaying over here is our customs system that sometimes likes to inspect your parcels a little bit too long.
    Otherwise im perfectly happy with the service DHL provides

  9. Tommy Says:

    LOL. I live in Canada but I can relate to the customs charges. I love how they charge us handling fee for the taxing. I LOVE IT!!

    Canada Post is pretty quick in getting the package to me though.

  10. Will Says:

    i love parcelforce

  11. Anouilh Says:

    The first thing that pops into my head when I hear the word ‘Parcelforce’ is a scene of the delivery man dropping the parcel right in front of my door after signing it, I mean, I’m right there to collect it with my own HANDS, why drop the thing on the floor?! I’ve had instances where no duty was placed on the package and they just left it on the front door without ringing the door bell. 😦

    When it came to ordering my first package from overseas I didn’t know you had to a ‘duty fee’ on the item. The fee is meant to be a certain percentage of the packages’ total value but I’ve found that regardless of the value I’ve not been charged sometimes and I still don’t know why?! It feels like your playing a hit’n’miss game with them!

  12. subaruhess Says:

    Luckily I havent had much trouble with parcelforce, but they did go through a phase of leaving my parcels at my local post office & not leaving a note to say they had left it there! But I do agree they take an absolute age to get parcels through clearance & presentation, seriously it should take less than a few hours according to UPS & DHL. If you can order stuff from toyslogic they ship your goods tax free for the same price as EMS via USPS.

  13. taketombo Says:

    I have to agree, the postal service in the country is terrible!
    But Lee Evans is amazing XD

  14. Jay Says:

    Hi I didn’t know Parcelforce sucks and stupidly sent a parcel from Japan with EMS. It was left at Covertry for 3 dates, and then I was charged 36 pounds for the customs. I don’t know what to say to the Parcelforece. I mean if I have to pay the 36 pounds, I can pay, but it is really stupidly slow. I am very angry, but we are fucked by parcelforce. Shit

  15. Fred Says:

    i just got a £230.16 charge for trying to import a computer to Scotland from the USA. What a rubbish service.

    All the bullshit of the civil service – you can’t pay import duties with a foreign credit card easily, you can’t easily get them to drop the charges. That requires the BOR 286 form, (good luck with that).

    option 5 gets you through to a person even if that helps any ( they don’t say this on the phone cause keeping you in the PBX makes them spend less on staff.

  16. futrai Says:

    Awaited 2 weeks for priority parcel from USA then Tracking event! Awaiting payment of charges. so i go to depot and parcel is sitting there but WAIT, computer says No charges details.. Staff inform me this is a very rare happening but has sent a personal email to and then gone home.
    WHAT, this is the only form of communications beteen 2 vital links in a worldwide chain, heaven help us
    I notice on the wall 98.3% satisfaction in quality and service promotion….on what planet.
    The sooner that Parcelforce go out of exsistence the better…and it will happen

  17. parcel, parcel murah, parcel grosir, parcel lebaran Says:

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  18. Tokki Says:

    Hello. I’m an Ebay Powerseller and I send about 10 packages of clothes USPS priority to the UK everyday. The US postal service is unreliable and I have heard that once the packages arrive in the UK, the parcelforce takes over to get the item to the buyer. I have had many problems with lost packages or very slow arrivals and I cannot tell which post office is at fault. Plus $17 priority flat rate with no tracking and slow delivery is not desirable, even though it is the cheapest.

    By chance does anybody know if there is a 3rd party business where I can take the packages to them here in New Jersey/NYC, and they directly send/load it on the airplane to UK. Once it arrives, a fast EMS delivery service takes over to take the item to the buyer ASAP.

    I do something similar sending items to South Korea. I can send big packages 1-5 lbs and only pay about $10-15 with full tracking and 5 day delivery almost all the time. This business sends all items in a big box to South Korea where a delivery company takes over to deliver the items VERY QUICK.

    It would be so lovely if there was a similar business for the UK. I live in New Jersey right below NYC. I always send as a gift and low declared value. I sometimes even put a fake invoice in the package just incase.
    Any useful input much appreciated!

  19. NeverAgain Says:

    Parcelforce sucks ;(
    not only is the service so damn slow, the customer service suck ass.
    I had a parcel sent from America and they still have the package its been 21 days. I didn’t get custom charged for it but parcel force wont send it to my house because its ‘Awaiting payment of charges’
    what damn charges? i emailed them a dozen times no one got back to be yet. its safe to say i’m never using this service again

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