Baek Changpo has made her arrival!

She arrived at about 9:30 this morning, during Gilmore Girls lol. I finally have her!!! Thats one more I can tick off my ‘I thought I’d never own them’ list!!! She cost £37 with shipping, £32 without. Completely worth it. She stands just under 14cm tall, which is what you’d expect from a bending over figure.

I have decided to call her Baek Changpo, as thats what it says on the box. I was only calling her Pec Champo because I’d seen other places calling her that.

I’m so glad it came with instructions on how to remove the dress…. because otherwise I wouldn’t ever have got the protective plastic out… I was just so worried about bending her….

Ahhhh the prettiness...:sigh:

Side view, look at those legs!

Side view, look at those legs!

Front view, I really like the (upper)eyes.

Front view, I really like the (upper)eyes.

Changpo has eyes which arn’t as common as the usual, staring straight ahead eyes. Which is nice. Variety is a good thing, there are only a few in my collection which are looking somewhere else. (Kasumi, Casual/Holiday Saber, Asuka(Organic 1/6th) and the Poyoyon swimsuit Asuka.)

Now the dress, the fluoresent pink dress, which people said was easy to get off….wasn’t the easiest to get off… To me at least… You have to be quite forceful with it, not rough, but not gentle either, it took force…. Getting it on again was worse….oh the bending…. her poor right arm…. I was petrified of breaking it or cracking it!! Safe to say, I am never removing it again, unless I’m really bored and am looking for a challenge…. lol And another thing, it does smell. It smells like those ‘Scoobidoo’ strings that were popular a few years ago. (You made bracelets and keyrings out of them.) And the smell of the plastic strings never waned, but I don’t make a habit of smelling my figures on a regular basis, so its not gonna bother me lol.

Screenshot. (lol)

Screenshot. (lol)

The paintwork on the bikini is pretty good. It wavers in places, but I’m not too fussed, specially as one of the places where it waves is on the pantsu, and I dont plan of displaying my figures pantsu facing front, so it’s not a major quibble. The skintone is lovely, and the boots are lovely. And one of my favourite parts is her headset, its got cute little white detail on it. The hair is great too, its got light shading which fits well. I love the face too. Max Factory did a very good job!! She’s quite petit, very skinny, although her arms are skinnier than her legs. And her pose is great, a little worried about leaning….. Has anyone else experienced leaning Changpo’s yet?

Finally, an appearence from one of our favourite Tsundere girls.

I couldn’t resist trying it lol. When you have a figure standing in that posistion and a Figma on hand, what else can you do?

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6 Responses to “Baek Changpo has made her arrival!”

  1. Blowfish Says:

    Damn im so jealous!
    Looks like my impersonation of you didnt convince the postman.He didnt want to give it to me.

    I need to order her as soon as possible

  2. optic Says:

    A nice buy but not the figure for me. I like her dress and headphones make her look very techno. ^^
    Good review.

  3. James Says:

    This one is really nice ^^ didn’t buy it but if i keep seeing pics of her , i will someday ^^

    The last pic is fun :p i think i would have done the same ^^

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