New dorama – Mei-chan no Shitsuji & Bambino!

(The Bambino! opening theme, totally addicted to it…. can now sing it off by heart lol.)

As we finished Rookies yesterday, and finished Bloody Monday(*SOB*) today, we had to pick new J-drama’s to take their place lol. We ended up going with one boy-filled-fangirl-fest, and one, more serious, but not completely, cooking series.

The Bambino titles. Always over his face. So thought I'd go for a funnier one, instead of just him smiling or looking pensive lol.

Jun Matsumoto is Ban. Who gets nicknamed Bambi for reasons you’ll get if you watch the series :D. Its about cooking. Cooking. Much as I like to watch Masterchef sometimes, didn’t think I’d want to sit through 11 episodes of cooking lol. But I spose thats the Ryuta effect… *sigh* And it has Mukai Osamu in, who I first noticed in Bambino!(cos I cheated a bit and watched the 1st few episodes, no self control hehe.) Ahhhh happiness of the adorkable smile, tis what made me watch a bit too much… Which is why I’m now watching Kisarazu Cat’s Eye before I go to bed, Ryuta’s Master in it lol. With the awesome afro. J-drama’s kinda replaced my bedtime TV of watching Dawson’s Creek lol, tho I’m sure I’ll miss Pacey/J.Jackson soon enough hehe. (I didn’t watch Dawson’s Creek when it was on, too busy watching Charmed/Xena/Farscape back then lol. After watching Fringe… I needed more Peter Bishop lol)

Bandana-man ftw. Katori is THE man. Ryuta's badass in this.

Bambino! is based on a manga, which I knew, I didn’t know Mei-chan no Shitsuji was though… googled just a second ago to see it was lol. Bloody Monday… manga too… Rookies…manga too… Samurai High School… I don’t think was based on a manga… but would need to double check…. Naw, doesn’t look like it was… but still a rather large number of the series we’ve watched/plan to watch are based on manga lol, total accident, but I spose its gonna happen more often in Japan than it is in the UK, not many TV shows based on comics in the UK, shame really…

Honestly, this promo pic put me off. Alot. Its the uber-heavy airbrushing I think.

They don’t look nearly as scary in the actual show lol. Think it was Mukai’s presence(which hair, back middle lol, not hard to miss really.)that persuaded me to dl at least 1 ep to flick through to see if it was ok… we have dubbed this series ‘Butler-sex’ cos its full of pretty boys. At least 5-6 good ones I can think of off the top of my head. Mame Shiba(Shibata Kento) being my favourite, Sato Takeru from Bloody Monday lol. Also from a Kamen Riders series haha, which I’m slightly tempted to try… This also has Mizushima Hiro(who’s also in Zettai Kareshi, which we’ll be watching after Bambino! has finished.), as Rihito-sama, oniichan of Mame Shiba lol. He’s also in the Hana Kimi drama…which I only realised was Hana Kimi yesterday, as I’d been calling it by its long name, Hanazakari no Kimitachi e. I’d heard of Hana Kimi before, but never really read any. So I didn’t really know there was any boys love in it lol. But while skipping through the Special ep, I came across a few bits which would have served as pointers lol.(Shirota Yu has gone from wuss to bad boy, and now, to gay guy, its gonna be hilarious.) Friggin’ hilarious what I saw though lol.

Anyways, we’ve seen 2 eps of Butler-sex so far, and we likes. Maybe for the wrong reasons. But it will be interesting to find out the relationship between creepy Lucia-sama & Rihito-sama lol. And if Mei & Shibata work it out :), cos suave as Rihito may be, I’ll always root for Takeru-kun lol.

The Mei-chan no Shitsuji ending song, also good.

The only dud theme we’ve come across so far has been Zeni Geba’s…shame really, cos we love that series.

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4 Responses to “New dorama – Mei-chan no Shitsuji & Bambino!”

  1. purplezest Says:

    Rihito-sama all the way – hes gonna win emily you have to face the fact ur ginger hotness don’t stand as much of a chance maybe once he fully qualifys but not until then. shes clearly all wuuuuuved up from Rihito 😀 hehe


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