My Quest for Mabel + Dr Horrible

Some of you may remember, my post about Mabel in early Febuary, but as a reminder, heres a pic.


The pic of course comes from the Leeke World site. (Need to get some red/brown eyes for her, you get random acrylic eyes when you buy her.)

I have made, without realising it really, a promise to myself that I will own her before the end of the year. I am bloody determined. So much so I’ve already begun picking out clothing and accessories for her. There is no way in hell I’m missing out on buying her. She’s $353 face up, no wig, no clothes and not including shipping. I already kno which wig I want for her primarily. And theres another one which I really like too. That would bump the order to about $400 though…. not including shipping again… and she needs shoes…gah… too much… but I want her so much I would even consider selling some of my hard earned collection…. That would require working out who I would mind parting with though… which is also… insanely hard…

But thats only if I really-really need more…. I’ve made a sort of agreement/plan with my parents, so that money I get for my birthday/xmas(practically the same time)would go towards her cost. My brothers done this with a guitar before now. So I see no problem with it. Would mean sacrificing figures…. heck… Freeing Nagi hasn’t even been shipped yet…. and thats £53… bear in mind I did order her over 4 months ago, back in January(this is aimed towards any parentals reading). I want Temptation Tamaki too… she lives up to her name… but she’s around the same price… its not fair!!! Why must my hobby(well…its more a way of life now…) be so expensive?!? I don’t spend loads on clothes and shoes like most girls… but I spend loads on little plastic girls, books, dvd’s…. Having access to high speed internet with unlimited downloads really helps when I find new things to watch… like 6 Feet Under, 2 Guys a girl and a pizza place. It means I don’t have to (straight away) shell out for the dvd’s. I do eventually though. As I am doing with Ouran High Host Club, Clannad, sometime this year Kanon and more.

(Wow this has turned into a rant with no particular end in sight lol) Anyways, as I type, I listen to my newly ‘aqquired’ Dr Horrible stuff. I almost just bought it, but couldn’t decide which was cheaper, amazon or ebay… so I dl’d it instead for the meanwhile. Joss Whedon can sing. Tis crazy…. I’m listening to Heart(Broken),(really nice song actually, listen to it below!) all three Whedon bro’s can sing… Its so strange.. never woulda thought they’d be able to. Gotta love the multi-talented.

A maaaaaaan’s gotta do what a maaaaaaaan’s gotta do!

And finally, I have to agree, he is better than Neil. And thats a hard thing to do, beating NPH.

How can you not love these songs?? lol

Anyways, I’m going to watch ep 2 of Dollhouse to see if it keeps my intrest. And I have anime to catch up on… need to finish Bamboo Blade.. I think I’m on ep 19… must… stop.. typing…gah!! Night all!! Bank Holiday Monday tomorrow! No school for those in school, don’t know if it applies to universities though…..

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4 Responses to “My Quest for Mabel + Dr Horrible”

  1. Snark Says:

    Oh shit she’s a pricey little thing! O.o

    That said, she’s a beautiful looking doll. Personally, I’ve always found it too difficult to look at dolls without imagining them trying to kill me with a butcher’s knife, but she still looks great all the same.

    So what type of wig and outfit are you picking out for her?

  2. phossil Says:

    Lovely doll. I can see your determination, so Im sure you will get her (maybe, very soon??)

  3. xjaymanx Says:

    @Meimi-chan: But u already knew Joss could sing when he sang the “Jaynestown” song on the “Firefly” DVD boxset, right? ^_^

  4. caroline v Says:

    “high fives”…… Im doing the same, i want a DD so bad (dollfie dream)
    and now all i have to do is not buy any manga ^^; and do alot of babysitting!! “punches the air” BUT I WILL DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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