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Why don’t art teachers really acknowledge anime/manga style artwork?

April 17, 2010

Yeeaaah cos this isn't technically accomplished at all is it?! -_- And sooo easy to get it looking this pretty....riiiight? ¬_¬

During my time in the education system(so far) I have only met one art teacher who doesn’t completely disregard anime and manga style artwork. The rest have either not considered it real art, thought of it as ‘too easy’ or said its been “done to death”. (Please not, this is veeeeery old now, posted it over a year ago and I was on a rant lol)

Do you know how disheartening this is? How spirit-sucking it is? To be actively dissuaded from doing the things you love? Not because I need to expand my horizons, but because the teachers just don’t seem to like it, or don’t seem to acknowledge it(or understand it, it seems…)? It’s just… it ruins the fun. Most other teachers in school who have ever seen me drawing or doodling in class have at least been impressed by it and commented on it, but never the actual art teachers. English, Science, even maths, but not the art teachers. They just want us to do poncy watercolours and oil paintings it seems. Modern art which alot of the time doesn’t even have any real form. I know art is in the eye of the beholder and all that jazz, but really… some of the modern art I’ve seen in galleries is complete shit. Or at least completely devoid of any real prettiness. Sold chunks of colour with a single stripe across it… what the hell is that really? Drawing manga style artwork is NOT easy. If it was every tom-dick and harry could do it. You think all the manga-ka just started out as brilliant as they are now? To be as good when they started drawing as to when they finally got published after all the years or slogging away? The teachers here in the UK just don’t know enough…

I think the main problem is they haven’t seen enough. They think its all the same, whereas a fan will know its most definately not all the same. Most people have only been exposed to the mainstream stuff, Pokemon, Dragonball, Digimon, Sailor Moon, if your lucky, some not even that, mostly like Pokemon usually, and they refer to them as ‘those big eyed Japanese cartoons’ which, in alot of cases, is fairly accurate I’ll admit, BUT its not all that dammit!!!

Its just disheartening is all… they should encourage your passions right? Not discourage them…

Below the cut for some more prettiness 🙂


Hatsune Miku by Hitomi-chan!!!

March 16, 2009

Kyaaaaaaa!! I really can’t stop smiling! I was singing ‘Dango Daikazoku’ all the way home lol. Totemo ureshii!!!

Isn't she gorgeous??? So cute.... Uguuu....

Isn't she gorgeous??? So cute.... Uguuu....


Buying Uni Art supplies – Aguuuu….

September 11, 2008

Was in Norwich today. Finally got all the pads and extra bits and bobs I need for my Animation Design class. 

Two A3 Sketch pads, one normal ringbound and one layout pad(like tracing paper only less see-through, I had to ask where it was lol). I got one ringbound and 3 bogstandard sketch pads, for backup. I got 2 A5 sketchbooks, one with a white cover so you can design it yourself. I got 8″ by 5″ cards for what I assume with be storyboards. They coulda just told us they were A5 lol, much easier to find. I got 2 more of my favourite pens; the Uniball Eye Micro. Dries mucho fast, love them. And you can see when they’ve almost run out cause of a window in the side of the pen! I also needed blue pencils…. I got two different blues to be safe. I got some extra sketching pencils too, 2B/4B etc. I had to get a stopwatch too, timing for animation and whatnot I’m guessing. Also got a new Stadtler rubber, my old one which I carry everywere is severely depleted compared to the new one…. I didn’t realise how small it had gotten… Also got some whitetack, for posters and stuff in my room, a mini stapler, and a 2gb USB memory stick. Me and a friend have decided to send USB sticks back and forth to give each other the latest stuff we’ve downloaded. We’re only an hour and a half away from each other anyways as it is.

I think thats it…. I paid for £30 worth of the stuff bought. But I offered too… :sigh: Like a good girl…. because my parents are already forking out god-knows how much for uni as it is. And I still have plenty in my account to take care of my preorders. So all is well. And on a side note, Denno Coil is still as awesome as ever!! I’m up to episode 19, it’s amazing I’ve stuck to my rules and am only watching one episode a day, before I go to bed…. remarkable how good my self control is for once! 😀 Getting pretty weird though…

Hope you liked the arty girl pic I found for this post! High res 1.7mb version can be found here at Moe Imouto.

Go Elephant Trail

July 16, 2008

Here are all the pics I took when I was there. There are 53 in total and I only got 16…..:grump: Shall have to get a map to find the rest sometime.

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